Aleksandr Criek, or First Zombie, was the leader of the zombies and the first zombie. He had excellent leadership skills and knew the best plans. Criek eventually turned against his master, Brainstein, and became the president when he rebuilt the New Soviet Union.


Early "life"


He was a homeless citizen in the Russian Federation and New Soviet Union, until the Soviet scientists released a biological substance onto him, which was created by the person supervising the project and turned him into a zombie. The first person who was affected by the substance was stronger than the clones that came later. The scientists cloned lots of the zombies to create an army and they were apparently loyal to the supervising scientist only.

Post World War 3

After World War 3 ended, which was surprisingly a very short war, he broke out of the underground lab which was in Moscow along with other zombies. The cause of the outbreak was unknown, but evidence points to Doctor Brainstein being the person who caused the outbreak. First Zombie decided to follow Brainstein and became his loyal servant. He helped Brainstein make the biological substance that turned people and zombies into fast zombies, and then helped him capture Bob Bob and Brianjerry Clueh'oh. After that, he spoke to them while they were captured in test tubes, until Doctor Brainstein came into speak with them. Later, in the night, Brianjerry snapped his neck, but First Zombie survived somehow.

The Zombie War

First Zombie's skin was turned salmon and he grew an extra eye, after his "death". He started wearing a coat with the symbol of the New Soviet Union embroidered onto it. First Zombie also had a communication device attached to his hand. Brainstein instructed him to attack Bob and Brianjerry Clueh'oh's clone with a huge zombie army. The zombie army chased him until they successfully got away thanks to their new friend, Charlie. Brainstein used his crow to spy on the survivors, while First Zombie would train his army of zombies with his pet pig by his side. When he sent out his army, they almost killed the survivors. When the survivors came in, Bob told First Zombie that Brainstein really was evil. It didn't take long for him to realize that his master was really the evil person, and not the survivors. When Brainstein came in and turned himself into a Xenomorph, his pet pig fired upon Brainstein with a machine gun, killing him.


The Zombie War had ended. First Zombie finished the cure that he was working on in secret. He created more after that, but cured himself first. Then, he went to cure the rest of humanity and finally returned back to Russia. Aleksander Criek was human again. He started to rebuild Russia and eventually became the premier of the New Soviet Union, not as a dictator.

Personality and traits

First Zombie was evil and psychopathic just like his master. He was scared of Brainstein because he could easily kill First Zombie with his inventions, but was loyal to him.


First Zombie was very strong and could run quickly. He could infect humans easily and could also kill them. He had thermal vision, unlike other zombies.

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