Bob Bob, a Blockperson male, was a citizen of the United States and worked as a lumberjack there.


Early life


Bob Bob was born in 2015 in New York City to two Russian immigrants.

Pre World War 3

Before World War 3, Bob Bob went to visit his extended family. He went to the JFK Airport and boarded a flight, then flew to Russia. Bob Bob called for a taxi when he exited the airport in Moscow. When the taxi arrived, he got in, paid the taxi driver and told him the address of his grandparents' house. The driver took him there and he got out of the car. He knocked on his grandfathers'  apartment door and greeted his grandfather. He was very happy to see him and let him in. Then, he went upstairs and unpacked his bags in the guest room. After that, he prepared dinner for him, and after that, he brushed his teeth and slept. At midnight, he heard gunfire. Soviet soldiers dragged him from his bed, seeing that his grandfather was dead. He yelled in anger, which made them knock him out.

Post World War 3


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Bob Bob woke up in a forest in Georgia. A substance had broke out of a lab in Russia causing a zombie outbreak to spread all over Asia and Europe. The substance was put in the United States as well. Only a few Blockpeople were left after this, including Bob Bob, who saved and met Brianjerry Clueh'oh, another remaining Blockperson, when his fighter plane crashed during the last battle of World War 3. After Clueh'oh crashed, Bob cut down a tree with his chainsaw and constructed a wooden shack with him. The next day, after they woke up, they saw a Fast Zombie outside the shack. Clueh'oh shot it to death, and shortly after, a Hammer Tank came out of the ground. They tried to escape the tank, but it jumped up in the air and spun while diving into them, which severely injured them. After that, they were captured by Doctor Brainstein and First Zombie who brought them to their lab and put them in tubes. Then, First Zombie spoke to them, and Brainstein came in, telling First Zombie to leave the room. First Zombie left the room and Brainstein spoke to them. Brainstein said he would zombify Bob because he didn't know him and forced Brianjerry to make a plane blueprint for him. While Brainstein was zombifying Bob, Brianjerry snuck out and presumably killed First Zombie. He then found where Bob was being zombified and tried to kill Brainstein, but he had to fight off skeletons, allowing the doctor to escape. A Hammer Tank then appeared and tried to kill Brianjerry, but Bob tried to kill it. Bob got eaten in half by the Hammer Tank, and would have died if Clueh'oh never saved him. The large zombie tried to kill Brianjerry, but Bob led it to a landmine that he stole in a hallway. It blew up, but Bob went unconscious from blood loss. Brianjerry went to go find if he was alive, and he was. Clueh'oh used an invention of Brainstein's to heal Bob. Then, Jerrybrian and Backwards Bob, evil clones of them created by Brainstein before Brainstein woke the two up from their test tubes appeared and warned them that they would die. When Bob and Brianjerry left the lab, Jerrybrian fired a blast that launched them to the moon.

The Moon

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Bob mourning over his friend's death

1 year later, in 2046, Bob woke up on a spaceship by the Moon, brainwashed to Brainstein's side. The next year, Brianjerry woke up on the moon, who was happy at first and met another astronaut. The astronaut was killed by a Shoveler, causing Brianjerry to run very far away from where the Shoveler killed the astronaut. He fired a flare, and this allowed Bob, Backwards Bob and Jerrybrian to find him. Jerrybrian posed as a friendly astronaut when he was ordered to kidnap Brianjerry by Bob. Brianjerry was fooled and put into a tied bag which removed Brianjerry's helmet and almost killed him. Brianjerry got out and killed the evil clones of Bob and himself with his M1911. Then, Bob went to kill Brianjerry. Clueh'oh attempted to convince the latter to come back to the right side. But, when they shook hands, Bob threw Brianjerry out of the spaceship, causing Clueh'oh to lose oxygen and die. After this, Bob's good side got angry at the bad side of him and they fought each other in their mind. Bob's good side won, causing him to no longer be evil. He carried Brianjerry's body into the spaceship and was sad that he was dead. Then, he set the body by the room which would pilot the ship. Bob made the ship set a course for Earth, and wished that he got rid of his bad side earlier.

The Zombie War

As Bob was flying towards Earth, a helicopter with a Russian pilot was following him. Soarers flew out of the helicopter while carrying a Combustor, a zombie which could go up in flames, like a bomb. The one carrying the Combustor dropped it, causing the top of the spaceship to burn. The Soarers ate their way inside and attacked Bob. He easily killed them with his chainsaw, but the ship crash-landed on Earth. Bob got out of the spaceship and dragged Brianjerry's body to Brainstein's old lab. He cloned the body, resulting in him creating an alive version of Clueh'oh. They went back to the spaceship but met a holo projection of First Zombie. He informed them that his army would kill him, and that army chased them. They were eventually saved by Charlie, a Georgian survivor, who brought them to a secret underground base. There, Bob cleaned his chainsaw as Brianjerry got an M4. Brianjerry sent out a message to all remaining survivors in Europe and four people came. These people were Lorin, Mark, Walter, and Erik. The group of seven people went outside and met a large group of zombies. A large battle broke out, which resulted in Bob getting surrounded and others to be injured. Brianjerry got so angry at the zombies that he achieved God Form, allowing him to kill all the zombies with ease. Brainstein controlled a mech suit from his lab and brought it to attack Brianjerry. Brianjerry was grabbed by the mech. He then created a large ball of energy, destroying the mech, but killing him. This made Bob very depressed, but he seemed happy. Bob, along with the other survivors, went to Brainstein's new lab and turned First Zombie to their side. Brainstein came and turned himself into a Xenomorph. First Zombie's pet pig killed him with a machine gun when he did that. First Zombie then revealed the cure, which marked the end of zombies.


Since Brianjerry had died, Bob was very depressed. He locked himself up in an apartment and killed himself with his chainsaw.

Personality and traits

Bob Bob was a very optimistic person and was always happy. He hardly had bad days and ignored people who laughed at and insulted him. He hated evil ideas and only liked good ideas, making him a warm-hearted person.


Bob Bob had the abilities of a normal Blockperson, which was the equivalent of a human in this reality.


Bob had a chainsaw with a red base that could kill zombies very easily.
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Bob's chainsaw

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