Brianjerry Clueh'oh, a Blockperson male, was a soldier in the United States Armed Forces and was a pilot in the United States Air Force. He was a Captain and was excellent at piloting fighter jets.


Early life


Brianjerry was born in 2015 in Flint to two Italian-American parents.

Joining the United States Air Force

Taking the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test

Brianjerry had scored well on his SAT, so he was eligible to join the United States Air Force at the age of 20. He studied hard for the AFOQT, and then took the test, and passed it.

Taking the Air Force Physical Fitness Test

Then, Brianjerry took the Air Force Physical Fitness Test and passed it.

Officer Training School

He went to the Officer Training School, which was a boot camp. Clueh'oh had to survive from how loud and mean the training people were, and successfully got through the school.

Serving the Air Force

Cariene War

He fought in a war in Egypt known as the Cariene War because it took place mostly in Cairo. The government was recently taken over by a dictator who attempted to conquer its neighboring countries. Brianjerry bombed places that had lots of the enemy troops there and had multiple dogfights with enemy pilots.

World War 3

In the middle of the year 2045, the United States declared war on the reformed Soviet Union because they were conducting illegal experiments. Brianjerry, who was leading a squadron to Georgia had his squad members quickly get shot down, resulting in him getting shot down. The war ended shortly after because the biological substance that the Soviet Union made and put in the Americas broke out of the labs and spread over the entire world.

Post World War 3


Only a few humans were left after this, including Brianjerry Clueh'oh, who met and was saved by Bob Bob, another remaining human, when Clueh'oh's fighter plane crashed during the last battle of World War 3. After he met Bob, Bob cut down a tree with his chainsaw and created a wooden shack that they lived in. The next day, after they woke up, they saw a Fast Zombie outside the shack. Clueh'oh shot it to death, and shortly after, a Hammer Tank came out of the ground. They tried to escape the tank, but it jumped up in the air and spun while diving into them, which severely injured them. After that, they were captured by Doctor Brainstein and First Zombie who brought them to their lab and put them in tubes. Then, First Zombie spoke to them, and Brainstein came in, telling First Zombie to leave the room. First Zombie left the room and Brainstein spoke to them. Brainstein said he would zombify Bob because he didn't know him and forced Brianjerry to make a plane blueprint for him. While Brainstein was zombifying Bob, Brianjerry snuck out and presumably killed First Zombie. He then found where Bob was being zombified and tried to kill Brainstein, but he had to fight off skeletons, allowing the doctor to escape. A Hammer Tank then appeared and tried to kill Brianjerry, but Bob tried to kill it. Bob got eaten in half by the Hammer Tank, and would have died if Clueh'oh never saved him. The large zombie tried to kill Brianjerry, but Bob led it to a landmine that he stole in a hallway. It blew up, but Bob went unconscious from blood loss. Brianjerry went to go find if he was alive, and he was. Clueh'oh used an invention of Brainstein's to heal Bob. Then, Jerrybrian and Backwards Bob, evil clones of them created by Brainstein before Brainstein woke the two up from their test tubes appeared and warned them that they would die. When Bob and Brianjerry left the lab, Jerrybrian fired a blast that launched them to the moon.

The Moon

2 years later, in 2047, Brianjerry woke up on the moon. He was happy at first and met another astronaut. The astronaut was killed by a Shoveler, causing Brianjerry to run very far away from where the Shoveler killed the astronaut. He fired a flare, and this allowed Bob (turned to Brainstein's side), Backwards Bob and Jerrybrian to find him. Jerrybrian posed as a friendly astronaut when he was ordered to kidnap Brianjerry. Brianjerry was fooled and put into a tied bag which removed Brianjerry's helmet and almost killed him. Brianjerry got out and killed the evil clones of Bob and himself with his M1911. Then, Bob went to kill Brianjerry. Clueh'oh attempted to convince the latter to come back to the right side. But, when they shook hands, Bob threw Brianjerry out of the spaceship, causing Clueh'oh to lose oxygen and die. Bob became good again and created a clone of Brianjerry.

Personality and traits

Brianjerry was not optimistic or pessimistic, he supported realism. Clueh'oh would only be positive about positive things and be negative about negative things. He had bad days and good days. Brianjerry disliked evil ideas and favored good ideas over them.


Brianjerry had the abilities of a normal Blockperson, which was the equivalent of a human in this reality.


Brianjerry had a very light gray M1911 and the grip was brown. The USAF issued him with it in case his plane crashed and encountered enemy soldiers.

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Brianjerry's M1911

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