Brianjerry Clueh'oh's clone, a Blockperson male, was a human who was created in Georgia.


Early life


Brianjerry's clone was created in one of Brainstein's labs by Bob Bob.

The Zombie War

2 years after World War 3, Brianjerry's clone worked to help Bob defeat Brainstein. He went to the spaceship that Bob drove with Bob himself, which crashed. He met First Zombie's army of zombies by the spaceship and ran from them along with Bob. They escaped and met Charlie, who was native to Georgia and survived for a long time in the European country. Brianjerry was teleported to Charlie's secret base and got an M4 there. He called for all of the remaining survivors near Georgia through a digital radio on a computer screen. 4 people came. These people would get ready for an upcoming battle against the zombies. When they were ready, Brianjerry used his M16 on the zombies attacking. He eventually got so angry that he achieved a form from ancient Blockw
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Brianjerry's body

orld legends, called God Form. This allowed him to kill all the zombies. However, Brainstein controlled a mech suit from his lab and attacked him. He created a large green sphere of energy which became so big that it vaporized the mech. However, he sucked almost all the life force out of himself by doing this and died in front of the other Blockpeople.

Personality and' traits'

Brianjerry was not optimistic or pessimistic, he supported realism. Clueh'oh would only be positive about positive things and be negative about negative things. He had bad days and good days. Brianjerry disliked evil ideas and favored good ideas over them.


Brianjerry's clone had the abilities of a normal Blockperson, which was the equivalent of a human in this reality. However, he achieved God Form.


Brianjerry's clone had a very light gray M1911 and the grip was brown. He also had an M4.

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