Doctor Brainstein, a Blockperson male, was a scientist for the Soviet Union, Russian Federation and New Soviet Union. He helped heavily in the creation of the first atomic bomb for the Soviet Union and for the first hydrogen bomb of the Soviet Union. He also helped in the creation of the AK-47M and various others.


Not much is known about Doctor Brainstein, so there won't be a lot of information.

Early life


Brainstein was born in Stalingrad (Volgograd) in Russia, which was the Soviet Union at the time. It is unknown whether his father's last name was really Brainstein as it was a very strange name.

Becoming a Soviet scientist

In 1985, after Brainstein got out of college, he became a scientist for the government and started to make weapons and be a part of their projects. He was very loyal to the Soviet Union, just like his father, whose name has never been revealed. He continued to work for the Soviet Union until December 26, 1991.

Fall of Soviet Union

When the Soviet Union fell, Brainstein retained his position. He didn't like change, but he started to accept it as there was not a large difference between the Russian Federation and the Soviet Union. Brainstein continued to do experiments, help make weapons and take part in Russian projects until July 10, 2045.

Formation of the New Soviet Union

Then, the New Soviet Union came. Brainstein didn't care as the New Soviet Union was basically the same as the old Soviet Union. He made the biological substance for the New Soviet Union that turned Blockpeople into green-skinned, groaning, red-eyed creatures.

Post World War 3

After the zombies broke out of the underground lab in Moscow, which he was probably responsible for, he then went to a new lab and created a new substance on the night of July 12, 2045, after the fall of the New Soviet Union and the beginning of the Blockalypse. He finished it in the morning of July 13, 2045, with the help of his servant, First Zombie. This substance turned normal zombies or humans into fast zombies. Then, after Bob Bob and Brianjerry Clueh'oh  were heavily injured by a Hammer Tank, he put them into two tubes in his lab. Brainstein said he would turn Bob into a zombie, and said Brianjerry had to make a plane blueprint so Brainstein could build it. But, Brianjerry escaped from that forced work and presumably killed First Zombie. Then, Brianjerry found where Brainstein was zombifying Bob. Brianjerry killed his skeleton bodyguards, but this allowed Brainstein to escape. Later, he created a new lab and First Zombie came back, different. He then made a mechsuit. This mechsuit attacked Brianjerry's clone, leading Brianjerry's clone to vaporize the mech which killed the clone. Then, the surviviving people who infiltrated his lab faced him. He turned himself into a Xenomorph with an injection and tried to attack them, but was killed by First Zombie's pet pig which used a machine gun on him.

Personality and traits

Brainstein had an evil personality and maniacally laughed a lot. He was psychopathic and did not care about anyone at all. But, he was very cowardly.


Brainstein was enthusiastic and could influence people very easily. He was also a genius.

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