The New Soviet Union, or the reformed Soviet Union was a country which was organized as a republic. The country only existed for 2 days, until a biological substance broke out of their lab and caused a zombie outbreak on the continents of Asia and Europe, and they also bombed the Americas with the biological substance. The anthem was the same as the old Soviet Union anthem.



The New Soviet Union formed on July 10, 2045, after Vladimir Putin died and Vadim Putin immediately took over. He was the Premier of the Soviet Union and re-established the Supreme Soviet legislature from 1991. The old Soviet rubles were re-established as the currency. The military uniforms remained the same, but the patches were changed to patches of the New Soviet Union's flag. Many things from the Russian Federation remained the same, however.

Illegal human experiments

Beginning of the experiments

Vadim Putin wanted to improve the strength humans, so he had government officials pull poor people from the streets and put into an underground lab in Moscow. The Soviet scientists created a biological substance and had it go into a test subject. The test subject was quickly turned into a green-skinned, groaning creature, which tried to break through the viewing glass of the testing chamber, but could not. The scientists realized they had a biological weapon, so the lab informed Vadim that it turned into a biological weapon instead. Vadim was happy about this and they continued their work.

Development of more weapons

The Soviet scientists cloned the creature they created, and put one of the clones in a large testing chamber with lots of artifical trees in it. Test subjects were tied on the tree branches. The zombie seemed very angry and attempted to get the test subjects tied on the branches, but could not reach. After a few minutes, the zombie turned into a similar looking creature with orange skin that stood on its legs. The creature the zombie quickly evolved into started running around and chopping down all the trees very quickly. All the trees broke and it infected all the test subjects into fast zombies.

End of the experiments

Soon, spies from the United States infiltrated the lab. They were all wearing disguises and found about the illegal experiments. The American spies went back to the U.S. and informed the United States Armed Forces that the Soviets were conducting illegal experiments on humans. Then, the military informed the government of the United States.

World War 3 and fall of the New Soviet Union

Start and end of the war

The United States then declared war on the New Soviet Union, causing the New Soviet Union's allies to turn on the United States and caused the United States' allies to turn on the New Soviet Union. The New Soviet Union bombed the United States with the biological substance they created, causing a zombie outbreak in the Americas. Then, the zombies and fast zombies broke out of the underground lab's testing chambers and infected all the scientists in it. The infected escaped the lab and then infected mostly everyone in Asia, Africa and Europe.



The New Soviet Union was a Republic. Its leader, Vadim Putin had the powers of a dictator, just like Joseph Stalin did when he was the Premier of the Soviet Union. The government was a Communist government, meaning there were no privately-owned companies.


The military was the same as the Russian Armed Forces, since the New Soviet Union only lasted for 2 days and its military strength did not change at all.

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