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All types of zombies, from left to right: Skeleton, Zombie, Elder Zombie

A zombie was a Blockperson who was infected by the biological substance that broke out of the lab in Russia where Soviet scientists conducted illegal experiments on humans with the biological substance. They travelled in groups if they could, but travelled alone if they could not. Zombies would infect or kill any human on sight.

Important features

Zombies had the same features as Blockpeople, but had tilted red eyes that faced the top of their mouth. Their mouths were always open and their arms were always stretched out forward. Their arms also floated in the air and they were less pixelated.

Variants of the zombie and their abilities

Zombies in their second stage had a lot of their skull showing and could make a scream that called other zombies when they got attacked or if they saw Blockpeople. They were known as Elder Zombies. After a while, Elder Zombies turned into skeletons and their bones became cleaner for some reason. Skeletons could also scream like Elder Zombies but they were faster and harder to kill as they came back together when they died. Sometimes, elder zombies grew their skin and eyes back and mutated into Hammer Tanks.

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